God pointing His finger at me

by Oct 11, 20182018 Event

When we refer to revival we generally think of hundreds, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people turning their hearts toward God and repenting of their sinful ways.  We passionately long to see the city of Stratford immersed in the power of the Holy Spirit so that those who enter cannot help but be touched by The Spirit of God.  To see multiple lives challenged and changed by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit would be awesome.  To experience miraculous healing of bodies, healing of relationships, families restored, chains of sin broken, burdens lifted and divine purpose discovered, is the stuff revival brings.

In reviewing some historical revivals, I was touched to discover that often revival begins with a few dedicated and committed individuals diligently seeking God.  Revival is an individual matter, even when it is happening to a myriad of people at the same time.  It is an intensely personal response to God.  In the words of Revivalist, Lou Sutera, “Revival is God pointing His finger at me.”   I have often heard that the story of revival breeds revival, and some years ago, I personally experienced a life-changing revival myself where God emphatically pointed his finger at me!  So here I share my confession of my need of revival.

For most of my life I had been shackled by my past.  I had a distorted view of God and believed He was always disappointed with me.  No matter how hard I tried I could not please Him. I reached a stage in my life when I began to rise out of the bondage of my past abuse and the arms of the Father embraced me.  I began to see the Father’s heart toward me and realized that it’s not about what I do but what He has done.  As I began to experience His incredible, inexpressible, amazing and glorious love, I could not help but love Him in return.  In the joy of my new found, deeper relationship with Him, serving was no longer a labour or duty but an act of love.  Praying was not hardship but a passion to connect with the One who loves me so deeply.

I was compelled to repent of my distorted view of Him. I repented that I had chosen to believe the lies the enemy had told me and for not taking the time to earnestly seek Him on a personal level. I needed to change my thinking not only about God but also about myself.   My wrong-thinking was hindering my relationship with my Creator, who made me unique on purpose.  I repented of my doubts and negative mindset.  I repented of my lack of trust.  I repented of holding back when, in fact, He had great plans for my life.

The revival promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 demonstrated my need to humble myself and I recognized that I had been desperately trying to control my circumstances. As I earnestly prayed and spent time in His Presence, I was able to reposition myself before Him and see Him from a different perspective.

When we truly understand His heart toward us we cannot deny Him our love.  The kindness of God moves us to repentance, repentance leads to a revival in our relationship with the Father.    As we long for city wide repentance and revival, I pray that that corporately, and as individuals, we will earnestly seek God and His plans.  May our prayer be revive us again!

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?  Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation.”

Psalm 84:6-7

by Eva Hayes


Eva has been part of Elgin Missionary Church for many years and now serves there as Executive Pastor and Pastor of Children’s Ministries.  Eva is passionate about living for Jesus and helping people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ by serving God and people in every way she can.

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